A Basic Podcasting Overview

A quick guide to PreSonus' resources, tips, and tricks to make your podcast sound its best

Aligning the Backline to the Vocal Mic

How to use an Input Delay to time align the instruments on stage

An Introduction to Audio Networking

Audio Networking offers flexible deployment that breaks new ground in audio systems configuration.

An Introduction to AVB Networking

The basic principles of AVB Networking

AVB Ecosystem Checklist

Follow this easy checklist to ensure your StudioLive Series III ecosystem performs its very best.

AVB Network Topologies

AVB Networks come in all shapes and sizes. Find out what topology will work best for your design.

Basic Mic Placement Tips

These simple mic-placement tips can help you get started.

Bringing the Thunder: A Closer Look at Thunderbolt 2 and 3

Is Thunderbolt 3 the next standard for audio? The answer may surprise you.

Choosing a Digital Mixer for House of Worship

How to select the best digital mixer for your congregation's needs

Chorus and Flange Effects and Their Parameters

Getting started with chorus and flange

Clocking a PreSonus AVB Network

A brief overview of how PreSonus AVB products sync to one another on an AVB network

Clocking an AVB Network

AVB relies on precision clocking to deliver superior audio.

Constant Directivity: A New Approach

The PreSonus CDL12 combines the best attributes of point source and line array technology. Find out how.

Creating a Livestream Setup for Live Performance

Getting starting with a livestream to promote your band

Delay and Its Parameters

Getting started with delay

Design and Implementation of a Constant-Directivity Two-Way 12-inch Woofer Wedge Loudspeaker System

Presented at the 143rd Audio Engineering Society Convention, October 18-21, 2017, New York, NY, USA

Digital Audio Basics: Sample Rate and Bit Depth

A simple explanation of sample rate and bit depth, as applied to linear pulse-code modulation (PCM).

Digital Audio Connections and Synchronization

Learn how to make the right (digital) connections with this brief tutorial.

Digital Audio Latency Explained

Find out what causes digital audio latency and the ways it can be mitigated.

Dithering in Studio One

What, How, and Why

EarMix Personal Monitoring System Application Guide

How to integrate an EarMix system into any monitoring situation

Gain Compensation

NSB-series stage boxes can provide remote inputs for multiple digital mixers. Gain Compensation means every mixer has the best gain staging.

Getting Started with Gain Staging

Begin at the beginning. Getting the most out of your signal path.

Getting Started with Pattern Sequencing

Create your own library of loops with this flexible tool.


Common audio term definitions

Harmonic Editing in Studio One

What is “Harmonic Editing" in Studio One? And what makes it so great?

How Do I Calibrate My Studio Monitors?

Make mixing easier by making sure your studio monitors levels match!

How Do I Make a Monitor Mix with My Audio Interface?

Getting a great monitor mix with the tools your audio interface provides is easy. Take a closer look and get a better sound.

How Do I Make My Podcast Sound Better?

Making a great-sounding podcast is easy with just a little forethought and know-how

How Do I Use an EQ?

Need to know which frequency to boost or cut? Here are some quick tools.

How to Choose the Best Studio Monitor?

Selecting the best monitor speakers for your mixing environment is a big decision, get the information you need to make it.

How to Configure MIDI Devices in Studio One

Setting up MIDI devices in Studio One is quick and easy.

How to Configure Your PA System

Recognize problem rooms, configure delayed satellite systems, and properly configure your PA to the room with these tips.

How to do a Virtual Soundcheck

Using previously recording performances is a great way to set up for your next gig

How to Legally Sell Recordings of a Cover Song

Here's how to legally sell recordings of cover tunes that are not in the public domain in the USA.

How To Mitigate Problematic Room Acoustics

Solving problematic room acoustics just takes a little innovation and a little know-how

How to Mix and Record Church Services—and More

Important frequently asked questions and answers to help your worship team accomplish its goals.

How to Network StudioLive Digital Mixers for Remote Control

StudioLive Mixers offer several options for remote control. This article will get your mixer networked to your devices in no time.

How to Pick the Best Mixer for You

Selecting the best mixer for your application and budget

How to Run Front-of-House and Monitors at the Same Time

Create two independent mixes on a single StudioLive Series III console

How to Set Up a Home Recording Studio

Getting started getting great recordings at home

How to Set Up a Rehearsal Space

Take the time to create a comfortable place to rehearse, and maximize your practice time.

How to Set Up a Subwoofer for Maximum Punch

Getting the most from your subwoofer setup is a combination of configuration and mix techniques

How to Use an Input Delay

An input delay can solve many problems if you know just a few tricks

How To Use Dynamics Processing: Getting Started with Compressors, Gates, and More

Learn the basics of dynamics processing—plus some suggested Compressor settings to get you started.

LCR Mixing

Getting started with Center Divergence

Microphone Tips and Tricks for Podcasting

Proper microphone technique is the key to making your podcast sound its best

Personal Monitoring for House of Worship

Selecting a personal monitoring system for your praise band can revolutionize your service. Find out how an EarMix System is easy to integrate into your current system.

Personal Monitoring for the Studio

Getting started with integrating a personal monitoring system with your studio set-up

Personal Monitoring for Theatre

Getting the right monitor mix for a theatre production doesn't have to be the pits. EarMix Systems are the perfect solution for any sized production.

Recording a Podcast in Studio One Prime Lesson 1: Installation and Authorization

Starting your podcast with Studio One Prime

Recording a Podcast in Studio One Prime Lesson 2: Audio Device Setup

How to set up your audio interface in Studio One Prime

Recording a Podcast in Studio One Prime Lesson 3: Creating a New Song

Creating a new song and configuring you audio I/O in Studio One Prime

Recording a Podcast in Studio One Prime Lesson 4: Recording Audio

Time to record your podcast!

Recording a Podcast in Studio One Prime Lesson 5: Adjusting Track Levels

Creating a mix for your podcast is easy when a free recording application gives you all the tools you need

Recording a Podcast in Studio One Prime Lesson 6: Creating Intros, Outros, and Bumpers

Polish your podcast for a professional result from start to finish

Recording a Podcast in Studio One Prime Lesson 7: Putting It All Together and Publishing

Now that you've recorded and polished your podcast, it's time to put it all together and publish it.

Recording Live Music and Performances

Recording live music is a great way to generate content for your band or venue and Capture makes it easy.

Reverb and Its Parameters

Getting started with reverb

Select the Right Ethernet Cable

Not all Ethernet cable is created equally. Don't let the wrong cable trip you up.

Selecting a Monitor Mixing System

Tips and tricks on picking out the best system to help you hear you.

Selecting an AVB Switch

What makes an AVB switch a cut above the rest.

Selecting the Right Loudspeaker

Loudspeaker terms, tips, and types

Selecting the Right Podcasting Microphone

When planning your podcast, picking the right microphone will set you up for success

Setting Up a Podcasting Studio

Setting up a podcasting studio is the easiest way to get a great result

Songwriting Basics

Writing a great song is a craft. Studio One Professional gives you the tools to master it.

Starting a Podcast

How to create your first podcast.

Studio Monitor Placement

Your mix environment can make the difference between a good mix and a great one.

Studio One Basics

Learn how to use Studio One in FIVE easy steps!

Studio One Video Tutorials Chapter 1: Basic Concepts

An overview of Studio One set-up and layout to get you recording right away!

Studio One Video Tutorials Chapter 2: Production Tools

Making music in Studio One is fun, fast, and easy. Find out how to make tracks fast in Studio One.

Studio One Video Tutorials Chapter 3: Advanced Production Features

Studio One's advanced production tools will take your compositions to the next level. Find out how.

Studio One Video Tutorials Chapter 4: The Project Page

Studio One Professional includes a complete mastering application built-in.

Studio One Video Tutorials Chapter 5: The Show Page

Perform live with Studio One using backing tracks, virtual instruments, and real instruments. Arrange your songs live.

The Best Digital Mixer for Broadcasting, Live Streaming, and Podcasting

Selecting a mixer for your broadcast needs that delivers professional results

The Best Digital Mixer for Home Recording

Why digital mixers are the ultimate solution for recording

The FLEX DSP Engine: Power Without Compromise

The FLEX DSP Engine delivers fast performance and unparalleled processing power for StudioLive Series III digital mixers

The Ultimate Home Recording Studio Equipment List

Putting together a home studio at any level means finding the right recording equipment for you. Let PreSonus help.

Troubleshooting With a Cool Head

With a cool head and a logical approach, you can identify and solve almost any audio problem.

Understanding Hops on an AVB Network

Minimizing hops is key to minimizing latency on an AVB network. Find out where they come from.

Updating your EarMix 16M Firmware

How to update your Earmix 16M firmware

Updating your NSB Firmware

How to Update your NSB firmware

Updating your StudioLive Series III Console Firmware

How to update your StudioLive Series III console firmware

Updating your StudioLive Series III Rack Mixer Firmware

How to update your StudioLive Series III rack mixer's firmware

Updating your SW5E Switch Firmware

How to update you SW5E Switch Firmware

What Connector Is This?

A Guide to the Ins and Outs in Modern Music Environments

What is a Condenser Microphone?

Find out what makes a condenser microphone such a great tool for studio recordings

What is a Graphic EQ?

Graphic EQs can add to the overall aesthetic of your mix, or quickly remove feedback. Find out how.

What is a Parametric EQ?

Discover the various types of Parametric EQs and how you can use each type to improve your audio.

What is State Space Modeling?

State Space Modeling is the secret behind PreSonus' amazingly realistic analog plug-in models

What is USB-C™?

USB-C™ is the new, flexible industry-standard for computer connections.

What Makes a Good Mic Preamp?

The secret behind great-sounding mic preamps