A Basic Podcasting Overview

A quick guide to PreSonus' resources, tips, and tricks to make your podcast sound its best

An Introduction to Audio Networking

Audio Networking offers flexible deployment that breaks new ground in audio systems configuration.

AVB Ecosystem Checklist

Follow this easy checklist to ensure your StudioLive Series III ecosystem performs its very best.

EarMix Personal Monitoring System Application Guide

How to integrate an EarMix system into any monitoring situation

Getting Started with Gain Staging

Begin at the beginning. Getting the most out of your signal path.

Getting Started with Pattern Sequencing

Create your own library of loops with this flexible tool.

How Do I Make a Monitor Mix with My Audio Interface?

Getting a great monitor mix with the tools your audio interface provides is easy. Take a closer look and get a better sound.

How Do I Use an EQ?

Need to know which frequency to boost or cut? Here are some quick tools.

How to Choose the Best Studio Monitor?

Selecting the best monitor speakers for your mixing environment is a big decision, get the information you need to make it.

How to Configure MIDI Devices in Studio One

Setting up MIDI devices in Studio One is quick and easy.

How to do a Virtual Soundcheck

Using previously recording performances is a great way to set up for your next gig

How to Mix and Record Church Services—and More

Important frequently asked questions and answers to help your worship team accomplish its goals.

How to Network StudioLive Digital Mixers for Remote Control

StudioLive Mixers offer several options for remote control. This article will get your mixer networked to your devices in no time.

How to Pick the Best Mixer for You

Selecting the best mixer for your application and budget

How to Set Up a Home Recording Studio

Getting started getting great recordings at home

How to Set Up a Rehearsal Space

Take the time to create a comfortable place to rehearse, and maximize your practice time.

LCR Mixing

Getting started with Center Divergence

Personal Monitoring for House of Worship

Selecting a personal monitoring system for your praise band can revolutionize your service. Find out how an EarMix System is easy to integrate into your current system.

Personal Monitoring for the Studio

Getting started with integrating a personal monitoring system with your studio set-up

Personal Monitoring for Theatre

Getting the right monitor mix for a theatre production doesn't have to be the pits. EarMix Systems are the perfect solution for any sized production.

Recording Live Music and Performances

Recording live music is a great way to generate content for your band or venue and Capture makes it easy.

Selecting a Monitor Mixing System

Tips and tricks on picking out the best system to help you hear you.

Selecting the Right Loudspeaker

Loudspeaker terms, tips, and types

Setting Up a Podcasting Studio

Setting up a podcasting studio is the easiest way to get a great result

Songwriting Basics

Writing a great song is a craft. Studio One Professional gives you the tools to master it.

Starting a Podcast

How to create your first podcast.

The Ultimate Home Recording Studio Equipment List

Putting together a home studio at any level means finding the right recording equipment for you. Let PreSonus help.

What Connector Is This?

A Guide to the Ins and Outs in Modern Music Environments

What is a Graphic EQ?

Graphic EQs can add to the overall aesthetic of your mix, or quickly remove feedback. Find out how.