Episode 20: The Project Page

Studio One is the only DAW with an integrated mastering suite—we call it the Project Page. The Project Page enables the correction of potentially significant mixing mistakes at the mastering stage. In this episode, Gregor shows you the basics of linking your Songs to a Project.

Important fundamentals in this video:

  • Link your Songs to a Project. With the Song opened, click on Song -> Add to Project -> New Project to link the Song to a new Project. You can add Songs to existing Projects by selecting Song -> Add to Project -> Project Name.
  • Project Page Overview. The Project Page gives you everything you need for professional Mastering, including:
    • Spectral Analyzer with 8 different modes (FFT, Waterfall Diagram, Bandpass Segments...), adjustable Range and Peak Hold
    • Goniometer
    • Level Meter (supporting EBU R128 comformative LUFS metering, as well as Peak/RMS and the three K-Standards K-20, K-14 & K-12)
    • DDP Maker / Player
    • Digital Release Maker (supporting direct SoundCloud uploading + .m3u playlist creation used by Apple Music / iTunes, Windows Groove, and more)
  • Recalling a Song from the Project Page. To jump back to a Song from the Project Page, simply right click it and choose “Edit Song”. The respective will open where you can make all desired adjustments. When you’re done, save your Song and switch back to the Project by clicking on the Project Page button at the top right. You will notice that there’s a red dot on the Song now. This is because the current Song state is not identical to its last saved state anymore. To update the Mastering File to the newest save state, click “Update” from the menu bar and hit ok. You can now proceed with the Mastering.