Getting the right monitor mix can make or break a great take in the studio. If you can’t hear yourself, you can’t perform at your best. And for recording engineers, their focus needs to be on the recording, not on the cue mix quality. EarMix Systems provide a great solution that puts the control in the hands of the musicians and the advanced set-up features that recording engineers can take advantage of to make the playback sound great every time.

  • Every musician has their own mix
  • Easily deployed throughout the studio space
  • Professional-quality processing reduces CPU burden

Get Your Hands Off My Mix

When multiple musicians are performing together while recording, magic can happen. But along with that creative magic, comes frustration if performers are forced to compromise their monitor mix. EarMix Systems give ever recording performer full control over their own mix, without impacting anyone else’s experience.

And EarMix 16M personal monitor mixes are easy to use. Brightly lit buttons and centralized controls make it easy to create your own mix, even add EQ to boost the bass, or cut the mids as necessary. Channels can be grouped, simplifying large mixes. Musicians can even mute channels they don’t need.

Easy Cabling

EarMix Systems connect using standard CAT5e Ethernet cables and you can up to 24 EarMix 16M personal monitor mix modules. Each EarMix 16M can be fully powered over Ethernet when connected to a PoE AVB switch, like the PreSonus SW5e.

StudioLive Series III rack mixers using high-definition analog-to-digital converters to get your audio onto the EarMix System. The audio is delivered full-bandwidth and uncompressed to each EarMix 16M personal monitor mix module with very low latency no matter how far musicians are located away from the control room.

Better Sound Without the Hassle

Unlike other personal monitoring solutions, the input modules for EarMix Systems provide Noise Gate, Compression, EQ, and Limiting for every channel. That’s because EarMix Systems use StudioLive Series III rack mixers as the input module. This means that each module can also create subgroups and aux mixes as needed, to bus down larger mixes to 16 sources for each EarMix 16M personal monitor mixer. Localizing the processing to the EarMix System allows recording engineers to send out raw audio to their musicians, lowering latency for performers and the CPU burden for themselves.

In addition to channel and bus processing, StudioLive Series III rack mixer provide up to four buses of reverb or delay, so you can put each musician in charge of their own wet / dry blend. And you can choose from 16, 24, or 32 inputs, making them the perfect fit for any studio environment, no matter how large or small.