Aligning the Backline to the Vocal Mic

How to use an Input Delay to time align the instruments on stage

Basic Mic Placement Tips

These simple mic-placement tips can help you get started.

Chorus and Flange Effects and Their Parameters

Getting started with chorus and flange

Delay and Its Parameters

Getting started with delay

Getting Started with Gain Staging

Begin at the beginning. Getting the most out of your signal path.

How Do I Calibrate My Studio Monitors?

Make mixing easier by making sure your studio monitors levels match!

How Do I Make a Monitor Mix with My Audio Interface?

Getting a great monitor mix with the tools your audio interface provides is easy. Take a closer look and get a better sound.

How Do I Use an EQ?

Need to know which frequency to boost or cut? Here are some quick tools.

How to Choose the Best Studio Monitor?

Selecting the best monitor speakers for your mixing environment is a big decision, get the information you need to make it.

How to Configure Your PA System

Recognize problem rooms, configure delayed satellite systems, and properly configure your PA to the room with these tips.

How to do a Virtual Soundcheck

Using previously recording performances is a great way to set up for your next gig

How to Legally Sell Recordings of a Cover Song

Here's how to legally sell recordings of cover tunes that are not in the public domain in the USA.

How To Mitigate Problematic Room Acoustics

Solving problematic room acoustics just takes a little innovation and a little know-how

How to Run Front-of-House and Monitors at the Same Time

Create two independent mixes on a single StudioLive Series III console

How to Set Up a Subwoofer for Maximum Punch

Getting the most from your subwoofer setup is a combination of configuration and mix techniques

How to Use an Input Delay

An input delay can solve many problems if you know just a few tricks

How To Use Dynamics Processing: Getting Started with Compressors, Gates, and More

Learn the basics of dynamics processing—plus some suggested Compressor settings to get you started.

Reverb and Its Parameters

Getting started with reverb

Studio Monitor Placement

Your mix environment can make the difference between a good mix and a great one.

Troubleshooting With a Cool Head

With a cool head and a logical approach, you can identify and solve almost any audio problem.

What Connector Is This?

A Guide to the Ins and Outs in Modern Music Environments

What is a Graphic EQ?

Graphic EQs can add to the overall aesthetic of your mix, or quickly remove feedback. Find out how.

What is a Parametric EQ?

Discover the various types of Parametric EQs and how you can use each type to improve your audio.