AVB Ecosystem Checklist

Follow this easy checklist to ensure your StudioLive Series III ecosystem performs its very best.

Choosing a Digital Mixer for House of Worship

How to select the best digital mixer for your congregation's needs

EarMix Personal Monitoring System Application Guide

How to integrate an EarMix system into any monitoring situation

Gain Compensation

NSB-series stage boxes can provide remote inputs for multiple digital mixers. Gain Compensation means every mixer has the best gain staging.

How to do a Virtual Soundcheck

Using previously recording performances is a great way to set up for your next gig

How to Run Front-of-House and Monitors at the Same Time

Create two independent mixes on a single StudioLive Series III console

How to Set Up a Subwoofer for Maximum Punch

Getting the most from your subwoofer setup is a combination of configuration and mix techniques

LCR Mixing

Getting started with Center Divergence

Personal Monitoring for House of Worship

Selecting a personal monitoring system for your praise band can revolutionize your service. Find out how an EarMix System is easy to integrate into your current system.

Personal Monitoring for the Studio

Getting started with integrating a personal monitoring system with your studio set-up

Personal Monitoring for Theatre

Getting the right monitor mix for a theatre production doesn't have to be the pits. EarMix Systems are the perfect solution for any sized production.

The Best Digital Mixer for Broadcasting, Live Streaming, and Podcasting

Selecting a mixer for your broadcast needs that delivers professional results

The Best Digital Mixer for Home Recording

Why digital mixers are the ultimate solution for recording

The FLEX DSP Engine: Power Without Compromise

The FLEX DSP Engine delivers fast performance and unparalleled processing power for StudioLive Series III digital mixers

Updating your EarMix 16M Firmware

How to update your Earmix 16M firmware

Updating your NSB Firmware

How to Update your NSB firmware

Updating your StudioLive Series III Console Firmware

How to update your StudioLive Series III console firmware

Updating your StudioLive Series III Rack Mixer Firmware

How to update your StudioLive Series III rack mixer's firmware

Updating your SW5E Switch Firmware

How to update you SW5E Switch Firmware

What Makes a Good Mic Preamp?

The secret behind great-sounding mic preamps