When PreSonus began engineering the new StudioLive 64S, our goal was simple: to provide the most powerful 64-channel digital mixer in its class, without compromising the performance and intuitive workflow that are the hallmarks of the StudioLive Series III mixer design philosophy. This meant we needed to optimize the dual-core FLEX DSP engine and expand on its design to accommodate an impressive 134 mixes with a total of 4890 inputs that were required to deliver a 64-channel mixer worthy of the StudioLive name.

The all-new quad-core FLEX DSP engine in the StudioLive 64S digital mixer provides an unparalleled amount of processing power for its class. We began by combining two DSP engines dedicated to input processing with a separate DSP just for mixing, and a fourth DSP to run the eight onboard FLEX FX. To provide the flexibility that modern audio engineers demand, we designed a dynamic audio routing matrix with 26 internal audio routers capable of patching audio to 1178 unique routable destinations.

The result is a 64-channel mixer that allows the free routing of any input and mix bus with 32 FlexMixes that are individually configurable as aux, subgroups, or matrix mixes. Unlike other mixers in this class, StudioLive Series III mixers support matrix mixes created from every input and bus, even on the new StudioLive 64S.

Because of the performance optimizations necessary to create the new quad-core FLEX DSP engine, the dual-core and single-core FLEX DSP engines were upgraded to support a new Project and Scene management system for more flexible storing and recall of all routing and mix parameters; Fat Channel plug-in models on every channel and bus; a whopping 128-channel (64x64) audio interface; and much more. Because of the dynamic design of the FLEX DSP engine, every new feature packed into the three new 32-channel StudioLive Series III S models is also available in the free FLEX DSP 2.0 firmware upgrade for StudioLive Series III Blue and rack models.

Find out what all this processing means under the hood:

FLEX DSP Engine Type Quad-Core Dual-Core Single-Core
Mixing Channels 76 40 18
Mono Inputs 64 32 16
Stereo Aux Inputs 2 2 ---
Stereo Tape Inputs 1 1 ---
Stereo FX Returns 8 4 2
Talkback 1 1 ---
Mix Buses 43 26 10
Main 3 2 2
FlexMixes (Aux, Matrix, or Subgroup) 32 16 6
Subgroups --- 4 4
FX Mixes 8 4 2
Processors 526 286 130
High/Low Pass Filter 100 55 24
Noise Gate / Expander 64 32 16
State-space Modeled Compressor
118 65 28
State-space Modeled Parametric EQ
118 65 28
Limiter 102 57 24
31-Band Graphic EQ 16 8 8
FLEX FX Vintage Reverb and Delay Emulations 8 4 2
Supported StudioLive Series III digital mixer models StudioLive 64S

StudioLive 32S
StudioLive 32SX
StudioLive 32SC
StudioLive 32R
StudioLive 24R
StudioLive 32*
StudioLive 24*
StudioLive 16*

StudioLive 16R

*Requires FLEX DSP Firmware v.2.0 or higher for stated functionality