Personal monitor mixing has become a staple in contemporary houses of worship because of the unique sonic challenges that are presented to worship teams. EarMix Systems make monitoring for your worship team and improve your overall service by:

  • Lowering Stage Volume
  • Creating great monitor mixes with less tech know-how
  • Improving intelligibility

Focus on the Congregation

The key to any successful praise band is to keep their focus on the congregation and the message they are delivering. A great way to do this is to simply lower the stage volume. When the stage sound system competes with the mains, phase and time-alignment issues are created that dampen intelligibility.

Another consequence of a loud stage, is that the main sound reproduction system needs to be driven harder to overcome it. This means that the overall volume within the sanctuary can be uncomfortably loud for a multi-generational congregation.

Removing floor wedges and replacing them with in-ear monitors is the fastest and most efficient way of lowering stage volume. Not only will this bring the overall level in the sanctuary down, it will improve the clarity and intelligibility by eliminating the problem at the source.

Getting Personal

Once your praise band’s monitor mixes are on or in their ears, delivering the best mix possible is critical. A bad mix being blasted less than an inch from your ear drum is nearly impossible to ignore, even worse, a mix that is subject to potential feedback issues could cause irrevocable harm to someone’s hearing. In a professional situation, personal in-ear mixes are created by an audio engineer whose sole function is to create amazin mixes for every musician on stage. Unfortunately, most houses of worship have a difficult time affording a professional at Front-of-House, or more commonly, finding a technical minded volunteer to do the honors, let alone finding a second engineer to man monitors.

The solution is simple, however, allow the musicians to create their own monitor mixes. This is where the EarMix 16M personal monitor mixer comes in. This easy-to-use 16-channel personal monitor mixer allows musicians to group channels and control them with a single level knob as well as add EQ and Limiting, mute unwanted sources, and more. And because it is powered over Ethernet, it can be placed anywhere within easy reach.

Pro Sound without the Pro

When musicians are creating their own mix, the workflow needs to be simple, efficient, and deliver great results with minimal effort. Available in 16-, 24-, and 32-input configurations, the EarMix System’s front end is actually a compact digital rack mixer than sits inside of one or two rack spaces. This means that whether you are using your Front-of-House mixer’s direct or bus outputs, an analog split, or some combination thereof, every channel or bus that you connect to your EarMix System can be EQ’d and compressed with state-of-the-art digital processing. Once reverb and dynamics have been added to the source audio, it arrives at the EarMix 16M Personal Monitor Mixers ready to be grouped and mixed. While each EarMix 16M allows the musician to add EQ and limiter to every channel and the main mix, audio that is already processed at the source makes this task that much easier.