Sanjay C ioStation 24c Review (article)

“" ...two really useful devices in one."”

Sanjay C,, April 2020

Sanjay C ioStation 24c review (full video)

“If you use Studio One, you're gonna like it. If you use Ableton, you're gonna like. If you use Logic, Pro Tools, Cubase... this thing is compatible with the best DAWs out there and it has a motorized fader; mic drop.”

Sanjay C, Sanjay C (YouTube), April 2020

Crossfadr ioStation 24c review

“"PreSonus continues to impress and crush the competition with its innovative designs and great audio products... this device will not disappoint."”

David Larkin, Crossfadr, August 2020 ioStation 24c review

“Für den platzsparenden Einsatz im Homestudio ist die ioStation nahezu perfekt.”

Felix Thoma,, August 2020

Kreatve Sound ioStation 24c review

“ best for my workflow.”

Kevn Elib, Kreatve Sound, October 2020

DJ Times ioStation 24c review

“...the more I used it, the more I liked it, and the more efficiency I realized from using it.”

Wesley Bryant-King, DJ Times, August 2020

Resolution ioStation 24c review

“..makes a powerful case for it’s position on your desk.”

Nigel Jopson, Resolution, October 2020

Everything Recording FaderPort and ioStation 24c dual review

“...the absolute perfect companion for anyone.”

Bryan Adams, Everything Recording, December 2020

Computer Music ioStation 24c review

“... one great-sounding interface, a versatile DAW controller (with the luxury of a moving fader) and all the software you need.”

Staff, Computer Music, December 2020

Production Expert - ioStation 24c: Hardware Product of 2020

“Whether you’re an artist, producer, mixer or someone who travels a lot – the ioStation seems seminal to PreSonus’ offering of one stop product solutions.”

Brent March, Production Expert, December 2020

Performer Magazine - PreSonus ioStation 24c Audio Interface Controller

“...your new BFF in the studio.”

Chris Devine, Performer Magazine, August 2020

Recording mag ioStation 24c review

“...perfect for bedroom producers, podcasters, beginners looking for their first interface, or anybody who wants two channels of great sounding audio I/O coupled with a very capable compact control surface.”

David Blascoe, Recording (U.S.), December 2020

SonicState ioStation 24c review

“...all that you need in terms of a simple desktop interface.”

Nick Batt, SonicState, October 2020

American Songwriter ioStation 24c review

“What I saw right away was that learning even just a couple of these Navigation controls can give you some serious power over your workflow and your mix.”

Andy McDonough, American Songwriter, April 2021

Audio Technology ioStation 24c review

“Studio One in combination with the ioStation is a marriage made in heaven.”

Rob Holder, Audio Technology, April 2021

Creative Sauce ioStation 24c review

“unique amongst its peers... a really powerful solution”

Mike Enjo, Creative Sauce, May 2021

Interface ioStation 24c review (issue 245, June-July 2021; Dutch)

“De ioStation is een unieke combinatie van daw-controller en audio-interface. Beide onderdelen presteren absoluut naar behoren. [The ioStation is a unique combination of daw controller and audio interface. Both parts perform absolutely fine.]”

Stefan Robbers, Interface, June 2021

Pro Audio Garden: ioStation 24c Review

“I can’t say enough just how impressed I was with this unit. It looks good, sounds good, and doesn’t skimp on features just so you can have two hardware pieces in one frame. I love that PreSonus literally took everything from two quality products and combi”

Brent Randall, Pro Audio Garden, June 2021

KR ioStation 24c review (French)

“...on est fan des FaderPort depuis 2007 et on ne peut qu’être de nouveau conquis par l’ioStation. (...we've been a fan of the FaderPort since 2007 and we can't help but be won over by the ioStation again.)”

François Bouchery, KR France, August 2021

Mheyos Home Studio ioStation 24c review (French)

“C’est un game changer pour le home studio. (It’s a game changer for the home studio.)”

Mheyos Darnan, Mheyos Home Studio, August 2022