This product has been discontinued.

Please Note: StudioLive Remote AI has been replaced by UC Surface which offers much improved capability. This webpages is online as a reference for customers who have not updated their firmward and made the switch.

You're mixing a show with an old-skool mixer, and you need to check the sound underneath the balcony—or in the balcony, for that matter. Or you're sound-checking and want to hear the stage monitors for yourself. If you can't leave the mixing station, you have to rely on someone else's ears. If you don't have a reliable crew, you don't have a chance.

That is, unless you use a StudioLive™ AI-series digital mixer and an Apple iPad®!

StudioLive Remote-AI (SL Remote-AI) for iPad®, available free from the Apple App Store, provides direct wireless control over any StudioLive AI-series digital mixer. As long as your StudioLive AI mixer and iPad are connected to the same wireless network, you are in control of the console. (To control first-generation StudioLive mixers, please use StudioLive Remote, rather than StudioLive Remote-AI.)

The view from the top.

When you start exploring StudioLive Remote-AI’s capabilities, you’ll find that it’s a deep app. Yet it’s fast and easy to use and works like an iOS app should.

Start with SL Remote-AI’s Overview, which displays the parameters for multiple channels at once. Tap for a close-up view of Fat Channel processing, and navigate between the gate, compressor, EQ, and so on with the flick of a fingertip.

The Aux view shows the levels, panning, graphic EQ, and Fat Channel processing for the Aux buses, as well as send levels, effects editing, and Fat Channel processing for the internal FX buses. The GEQ view lets you adjust the graphic EQ for the main bus.

Hold the iPad in Portrait position to see every parameter for a single channel.

We’ve only described a few things SL Remote-AI can do. Want to change scenes and control the talkback system remotely? SL Remote-AI makes it possible. You can rename channels and buses, as well — and when you do, the new names are broadcast across the network to update QMix™-AI, VSL-AI, Capture™, and the StudioLive AI mixer. That’s because the entire StudioLive AI Software Library is powered by Active Integration technology.

Read more about the Active Integration capabilities of SL Remote-AI.

Along with the rest of the StudioLive AI Software Library, SL Remote-AI has been rewritten entirely. All of the applications in the library are now on the same software platform and support the new capabilities introduced with Active Integration™ technology.

This goes well beyond being preconfigured to work with all StudioLive AI mixers and supporting new features, although SL Remote-AI and the other AI apps deliver that. All five StudioLive AI Software Library applications communicate with each other and with the mixer.

For example, channel names entered in SL Remote-AI are broadcast throughout the network (including Capture, QMix-AI, and VSL-AI), so you only have to name a channel once—and you can name it from anywhere, including the StudioLive AI mixer. And that’s just part of what it can do today!

Smaarter than the average app.

Virtual StudioLive-AI control/editor/librarian software for Mac® and Windows® includes powerful Smaart Measurement Technology™ audio-analysis tools, including three Smaart System Check wizards that enable you to view the frequency response of the venue, quickly calculate and set delay system timing, and verify output connectivity.

These are extremely useful capabilities, and you can’t get them in any other mixing system.

But what if you could control the VSL-AI Smaart wizards from your ultra-mobile iPad? Well of course you can — VSL-AI and SL Remote-AI are integrated with each other as well as with the StudioLive AI mixer!

Read more about using Smaart wizards with SL Remote-AI.

Thanks to Active Integration, VSL-AI and SL Remote-AI can communicate over your wireless network. As a result, you can launch any Smaart System Check wizard in VSL-AI and then, at any point in any wizard, you can use the Go Remote function to switch over to controlling the wizard from SL Remote-AI for iPad. This allows you to continue to the next step of the wizard without having to walk back to front-of-house, which is especially useful when placing your measurement mic.

By the way, StudioLive mixers are the only mixing platform with Rational Acoustics’ Smaart technology integrated into accessory software. So the Smaart move is to buy a StudioLive AI-series mixer.

Control your system from anywhere.

With SL Remote-AI and a good wireless router, you can control a StudioLive AI-series mixer — or multiple StudioLive AI-series mixers — from anywhere in the venue. And PreSonus Active Integration™ technology makes it incredibly easy to set up your wireless network.

Read more about setting up a wireless network with QMix-AI.

PreSonus Active Integration™ technology includes powerful real-time, direct, Wi-Fi remote control, so as long as you’re within Wi-Fi range, you’re in control.

To control the StudioLive mixer wirelessly from an iPad, simply connect your iPad running SL Remote-AI and your StudioLive AI mixer to the same wireless router. Setup is quick and easy, and you don’t need to enter IP addresses or subnet masks or even know what those are. It just works. Like the iPad, StudioLive AI-series mixers scan for and display a list of available networks. If you want your mixer to connect to your wireless router with an Ethernet cable, simply plug in the cable to get up and running.

SL Remote-AI can control any StudioLive AI-series mixer on the wireless network, and multiple iPads can control the same StudioLive AI mixer. When each iPad connects to the new network, its copy of SL Remote-AI will discover all StudioLive AI-series mixers on the network. In this way, you can quickly and easily control multiple StudioLive AI-series mixers — great for contractors and corporate applications.

Safe, sane, and secure.

Powerful networking and wireless remote control is great—but what if you’re using SL Remote-AI and someone tries to hack into your Wi-Fi system and take control of the show? Remember that second engineer you canned because she was late to the gig? She might be tardy but she’s smart — and angry. You can put the kibosh on her hacking, though, thanks to the StudioLive AI mixer’s security features!

Or maybe you want to give someone access but only to the monitor mixes. You can do that, too!

Read more about StudioLive AI mixer permissions and SL Remote-AI.

If you’ve mixed many shows, you know that securing your wireless remote control system is a big issue, and a hacker could be anywhere in the venue. That’s why StudioLive AI-series mixers have security features that effectively protect the entire system.

StudioLive AI mixers let you set permissions that determine which features can be controlled from each wireless device on the network, including iPads running SL Remote-AI. Here’s the best part: You can completely block any wireless device from accessing the network entirely, even if someone has the router password. That hacker who wanted to take over the show? Foiled!

Let’s say you have a monitor engineer on the gig; you’re going to focus on front-of-house. You can give the monitor engineer an iPad with SL Remote-AI and then, in the mixer’s iOS Setup area, give that iPad access to the channel sends and bus masters for the auxes only. That doesn’t affect the privileges you assign to your own iPad, so you can still control everything.

You can even allow an iPad-equipped musician to mix just their own aux send without having access to anything else.

Free at last!

So walk around the venue, tweaking your mix on the fly without worrying about the security of your wireless system. Adjust the stage monitors from the stage. Change scenes by remote control. Set permissions so that each iPad user can only access what you want them to. Check the mix in the choir loft, or the boardroom, or behind the bar.

You are now free to move about the venue!