Studio One Artist: Recording Made Easy

Studio One Artist makes it quick and easy to polish your podcasts and streams with its lightning-fast drag-and-drop workflow, complete plug-in suite, and a simple podcasting template.

Add bumpers, insert sponsored ads, record multiple takes, and much more. You’ll have everything you need to get professional results—whether you’re just getting started, or working on your 100th episode.

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The Best Microphones for Podcasting and Streaming

We put our decades of audio experience into designing affordable microphones for podcasting and streaming that deliver professional broadcast sound.

Revelator Mic: Stand Out From The Crowd

The Revelator USB condenser microphone delivers voice processing to polish your sound and an easy-to-use loopback mixer to bring in multiple sources from other software applications—all built into a studio-grade microphone that connects right to your computer, Android, Chromebook, and iOS/iPadOS devices.

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PD-70: Nothing’s More Important Than Your Voice

The PD-70 captures your vocal tone with warmth and clarity, all while rejecting the ambient sound of your environment—so only your voice shines through.

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Broadcast Accessory Pack

Get positioned for perfect sound with our podcasting and streaming kit. The pack includes our PBA-1 microphone boom arm, pop filter, HD7 headphones, and a 10-foot XLR cable in an affordable bundle.

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Audio Interfaces for Podcasters and Streamers

PreSonus has been at the forefront of audio interface design and innovation for over 25 years. Every PreSonus audio interface has three things in common: amazing mic preamps; clean, transparent sound; and best of all—Studio One Artist is included with every single one.

​AudioBox iOne: Take Your Show On The Go.

Bring your studio with you and record wherever you go. The single mic preamp AudioBox® iOne lets you capture your voice on a Mac, Windows PC, or iPad.

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Revelator io24: Record. Mix. Stream.

Revelator io24 is the only audio interface designed for both recording and streaming. Onboard processing, an intuitive software mixer to mix in audio from multiple apps like Skype or games, and the one-click Stream Mix Mode make producing a great mix for your stream fast.

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ioStation24c: Your All-in-One Audio Engineer.

When you’re the one producing, performing, directing and engineering your content you have to be more than just creative to realize your vision. The ioStation 24c audio interface and production controller provides the tools needed for all of these diverse roles in a compact, ergonomic desktop design that will fit into any setup.

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All The Extras For Your Streaming Studio

PreSonus makes everything you need to build a professional broadcast studio; from headphones to speakers and everything in between.

HD9 Headphones: Built for Comfort and Clarity

The PreSonus HD9 headphones are clean-sounding, extra-comfortable, and offer a broad, transparent frequency response that ensures accurate mixing.

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Eris Studio Monitors: Great Sound for Any Budget.

Designed to accurately reproduce audio without any coloration or hype, our speakers are some of the best-selling in the world.

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