Remote Control over:

  • DSP contours
  • 100 Hz highpass filter (312AI, 315AI, 328AI)
  • Polarity invert (18sAI)
  • Coming soon: Front-panel blue power-status LED (on/off)

Network Setup wizard:

  • Network scanning automatically detects connected speakers
  • Network browser to switch speakers to a new wireless network

Performance monitoring over:

  • Excursion limiter
  • Real-time temperature
  • ADC clip detection
  • Power-amp soft limiting

Individual speaker DSP settings

  • 8-band parametric EQ (312AI, 315AI, 328AI)
  • 8 notch filters (312AI, 315AI, 328AI)
  • Variable limiter alignment delay, up to 500 ms in 0.1 ms increments
  • Output-level control
  • Solo
  • Mute
  • Store/load complete speaker setups
  • Copy/paste settings to other speakers
  • Custom labels and comments

Group Speaker Management

  • Group level control
  • Speaker mapping
  • 31-band graphic EQ
  • Store/load graphic EQ presets
  • Speaker-group browser
  • Store multiple speaker groups together
  • Settings are automatically stored in the User Layer onboard each loudspeaker for use away from SL Room Control