Tape Op FaderPort 8 review

“The more you use it, the more you'll love it.”

Scott McChane, Tape Op, May 2017

MusicTech FaderPort 8 review

“...quite easily the slickest ‘hardware controller meets software for the first time’ incident I’ve witnessed.”

Andy Jones, MusicTech, March 2018

EM FaderPort 8 review

“Using the faders to write aux send and plug-in automation is a beautiful thing.”

Barry Cleveland, EM, July 2017 FaderPort 8 review

“If you’re looking for a control surface to improve your tracking and mixing workflow without breaking the bank, this should be high on your list.”

Jason Buchwald,, July 2017

Sound & Recording FaderPort 8 review

“Unter dem Strich ein tolles Stück Hardware.”

Axel Latta, Sound & Recording, July 2017

Bonedo FaderPort 8 and 16 review (German)

“Die absolut unkomplizierte Bedienung und Automation von Parametern virtueller Instrumente per Fader ist nur eines von vielen Details, die den Faderport aus meiner Sicht zu einem Must-have für Studio One User macht.”

Felix Klostermann, Bonedo, July 2018

Professional Audio FaderPort 8 review (German)

“Die Bedieneinheit wartet mit einem mächtigen Toolset auf, ohne überfrachtet oder kompliziert zu wirken.”

Sebastian Lesch, Professional Audio, July 2017

Light Sound Journal FaderPort 8 review

“There’s no doubt about the increased productivity achieved with FP 8.”

Fabio Garcia, Light Sound Journal, July 2017

Buenasideas FaderPort 8 review

“The superb 100mm ALPS motor faders do their job almost silently and virtually without delay.”

Klaus Feurich, Buenasideas, July 2018

Bass Musician FaderPort 8 review

“The PreSonus FaderPort 8 Production Controller is nothing less than very exceptional and of the highest quality.”

Ty Campbell, Bass Musician, August 2017

ProSoundNetwork FaderPort 8 review

“It allows the session to flow much smoother, especially when recording yourself, which I did a lot.”

Rich Tozzoli, ProSoundNetwork, May 2017

Music Connection FaderPort 8 review

“Super recommended for everyone!”

Barry Rudolph, Music Connection, May 2017

Sonicscoop FaderPort 8 review

“The PreSonus FaderPort 8 is leading the charge of brands that seek to bring truly “flying” faders to the hands of the everyman audio engineer.”

John Jagos, Sonicscoop, May 2017

Audio Technology FaderPort 8 review

“There’s no question the FaderPort 8 is enormous bang for buck, and entirely justifiable as a control surface for non-Presonus DAWs. I’d get one just for the quality faders and no-fuss automation workflow. But if you really want to see this thing in all it”

Preshan John, Audio Technology, March 2017

New Toys FaderPort 8 review

“Super recommended for everyone!”

Barry Rudolph, New Toys, February 2017

Mixdown FaderPort 8 review

“This is a great unit that feels at home on any desktop, no matter what computer setup you are running.”

Rob Gee, Mixdown, February 2017

Live2Play Network FaderPort 8 review

“...with FaderPort 8 project time is halved.”

Jack Elias, Live2Play Network, January 2020