Bonedo FaderPort 8 and 16 review (German)

“Die absolut unkomplizierte Bedienung und Automation von Parametern virtueller Instrumente per Fader ist nur eines von vielen Details, die den Faderport aus meiner Sicht zu einem Must-have für Studio One User macht.”

Felix Klostermann, Bonedo, July 2018

SonicScoop FaderPort 16 review

“Now, being able to simultaneously adjust multiple controls makes mixing feel less like guesswork, and more intuitive and natural.”

Rich Crescenti, SonicScoop, September 2018

Gearspace FaderPort 16 review

“The FP16 is solidly built, functional, colorful, efficient and fun to use! Definitely worth consideration if you mix a lot.”

Sound Guy, Gearspace, June 2018