This product has been discontinued.

"Thanks to the EQ3B I've found my jazz sound that was eluding me. I'm using a Fender Telecaster with EMG pickups and a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe amp. 'Not exactly what you'd call a jazz guitar/amp combination, however with the EQ3B it's an ideal combination. Thanks for making such great products at affordable prices." - Georges H., Canada

The EQ3B is a three-band fully parametric single channel analog EQ with smooth highs and solid lows. Perfect for carving out unwanted frequencies or musically boosting frequencies that need to be emphasized. It is a perfect compact EQ solution to customize and tailor your sound. The EQ3B features an 80Hz roll-off (to eliminate room rumble and increase clarity), +/-12 dB of boost/cut on three overlapping frequencies along with variable Q (bandwidth) for detailed narrow notching or wide musical shaping. The EQ3B is ultra quiet and is perfect solution for many applications including, vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards and more.