This product has been discontinued.

"We have six DigiMax LT's as part of our fly pack recording rig. We've used them to record on cruise ships in the Carribean, for the Soundstage shows for PBS-TV, and for the syncidcated Tom Joyner Show on ABC radio. The DigiMax LT's ROCK!" Timothy P., Metro Mobile Recording, IL

"I have used a DigiMax LT to augment my MOTU 828 interface (via lightpipe) for over 18 months now, and all I can say is it delivers the extra 8 channels of A-D at a far higher quality than the 828 itself! So much so that I now dedicate it to my most important audio inputs!" Charlie M., FL

The DigiMax LT is essential to the modern digital studio. Eight channels of pristine mic preamplification, inserts on every channel, and an internal power supply set this unit apart from anything on the market. Each channel features our award-winning, high performance, dual servo microphone preamplifiers with 48V phantom power, and -20dB pad. Each channel features a Neutrik™connector that accepts line level or microphone input. DigiMax LT digital synchronization is achieved by offering word clock in and out via BNC connectors. The sample rate can be set on the front panel to 48K, 44.1K, and 32K providing compatibility across multiple platforms.

The DigiMax LT provides TRS inserts on every channel to allow external dynamics processors or equalizers to be placed in the signal chain. The DigiMax LT is the perfect partner for recording systems such as DigiDesign 002™, MOTU828, MOTU 2408™ as well as numerous digital mixers and hard disk recorders.