This product has been discontinued.

"I purchased an 8 channel DigiMax a while back. I love it Love it Love it. I just finished a wonderful cd using the DigiMax. It just rocks; what a great preamp. Thanks for making it." Art B., NYC

Now with 96k sampling rate*, the DigiMax is the newest member in the award winning family of Presonus mic preamp's. Combine eight channels of pristine mic preamplification with 24 simultaneous digital and analog outputs, and the DigiMax 96k seamlessly fits into any digital recording situation. The DigiMax 96k is the perfect front-end for DAW's as well as adding mic pre's to digital mixers and sound cards.

A Mic Pre With Heritage

We started with the same design as the MP20, M80 and VXP: Class A Discrete Input Buffers followed by a dual-servo gain stage giving you 60db of preamp gain with 52db of headroom. The DigiMax 96k is electronically balanced and features phase reverse on the first two channels, as well as a 20dB pad and selectable 48v phantom power on each channel. A unique feature is EQ Enhance™ which contours the EQ curve -4dB centered at 1k from 250Hz to 5kHz. This is especially helpful on drum overheads and other sources to bring out definition and notch out problem frequencies.

The Compressor trapped in the body of a Limiter

What makes a limiter musical? Typically, most limiters use peak detection which actually clips the signal and can produce nasty artifacts. RMS detection, though commonly used with most compressors, has the drawback of not being fast enough to catch extremely fast transients. The DigiMax 96k uses both RMS and Peak detection to give you the best of both worlds. The DigiMax 96k uses an RMS style compressor with a high ratio while the peak portion is used only to protect the input of the A/D converter from clipping. The end result? Fast, musical, natural and able to catch anything you throw at it.

Connectivity for Days

The DigiMax 96k features more I/O options than any mic pre on the planet! 8 XLR Mic Inputs + 2 1/4" Instrument Inputs. The outputs consist of 8 balanced TRS analog outputs plus a 24 bit ADAT™ lightpipe output AND (4) stereo RCA SPDIF Digital Ouputs (Unit ships in AES/EBU mode, breakout cable not included). And here's the best part... They all work simultaneously! The Ultimate Live Recording Preamp! Use the ADAT™ Lightpipe Outputs to feed your recorders digital inputs while you send an identical signal to a FOH Console via the TRS Analog Outputs. Bye, bye latency! Use the TRS analog outputs to monitor tracks while you send the Lightpipe to your soundcard or standalone computer interfaces like MOTU 2408 and Digi001. Mixer Beefer-Upper! Add high gain/low noise quality micpre's to your digital console using either Lightpipe, AES/EBU, SPDIF, or analog TRS outputs.

* Over AES/EBU or S/PDIF digital output cables ONLY.

Many Additional Connection Options

  • DM006 - S/PDIF Breakout Cable
  • DM007 - AES/EBU Breakout Cable
  • DM008 - AES/EBU Breakout Cable (For Digidesign 192 I/O)