This product has been discontinued.

Rich, high fidelity with recording-studio sound.

PreSonus® studio tools are used worldwide by recording engineers who need to hear every audio detail. Now you can use them too. Ceres active monitor speakers give your home or office the sound of a studio listening environment and provide flexible connection options, professional controls, and the convenience of wireless streaming audio from any Bluetooth® source.

PreSonus' legendary sound-quality moves beyond the studio.

For over twenty years, PreSonus has made gear that audio engineers rely on in order to do their jobs. A great deal of the work you hear every single day on radio, TV, online, and in games has been created in part through PreSonus hardware and software.

Professional-grade audio quality was once solely in the realm of lavish, cost-no-object recording studio environments where the studio monitors alone can cost upwards of several thousand dollars. No more! With Ceres, you can bring the detail, air, and clarity of studio-grade audio to your living room.

Try Ceres and hear your favorite songs, again. For the first time.

Ceres. The difference between conventional home speakers… and reality.

In the recording studio, artists rely on the accuracy of quality monitor speakers, including four different types made by PreSonus. They need to discern every detail. We adapted our most popular professional design by adding Bluetooth wireless connectivity so you can hear what the recording engineer heard. You get natural midrange, crisp treble and tight bass that is simply not possible with battery or USB-powered “speakers.”