New in Capture 3.0

  • Import/export AAF sessions files for compatibility with third-party software
  • Export Capture session for SD Card multitrack playback on StudioLive® Series III console mixers
  • Multiple metering options including Peak/RMS, K20, K14, K12, RMS length, VU hold, and Hold length

Capture Features

  • Multitrack recording application (Auto-configures for connected StudioLive mixer with every input channel plus stereo stream)
  • One-click recording with Record Now button
  • Virtual Soundcheck mode makes doing a soundcheck using previously recorded material as simple as clicking a button
  • Saves a StudioLive mixer scene with the Capture® Session
  • Remote control Capture monitor performance from UC Surface
  • Open a Capture Session with a StudioLive mix scene in Studio One®, and the scene loads in the Studio One mixer, complete with Fat Channel, fader values, bus sends, mutes, markers, and audio edits
  • Channel and bus names shared across the network among Capture, UC Surface, QMix®-UC, and the StudioLive mixers
  • Remote control over mixer digital returns (analog input or digital playback) on StudioLive mixers
  • Remote control over channel linking on StudioLive mixers
  • Prerecord audio up to a minute before you press Record
  • Auto-Save at user-definable intervals
  • Automatic session and file recovery if the power fails
  • Sessions store metadata, enabling automatic session naming and folder organization
  • Session Lock feature prevents accidental keyboard access
  • Essential editing suite (copy, cut, paste, splice, resize)
  • Big Meter mode turns your monitor into a gigantic meter bridge
  • Stereo Playback mode—use Capture with any computer soundcard
  • Marker placement and recall
  • Export between markers
  • Full transport control
  • Import/export individual WAV, AIFF, or OpenTL
  • Compatible with macOS® and Windows®