This product has been discontinued.

Technical Specifications


Impedance Left 100K Ohms
Impedance Right 100K Ohms
Connectors Tip-Ring, 1/4"
Gain -20dB to +40dB


Sidechain Output Impedance 51 Ohms
Sidechain Input Impedance 10K Ohms

Panel Controls

Input -20dB to +40dB
Ratio 1:1 to 20:1
Attack 0.01ms to 100ms
Release 10ms to 500ms
Output -20dB to +20dB


Metering Input/Output -24dB to +24dB
Metering Gain Reduction -1dB to -28dB

Power Supply

Power Supply Linear, Internal
Input 110/220, Internal Jumper
Power 10 Watts


Impedance Left/Right 51 Ohms
Connectors Tip/Ring, 1/4"
Operating Level +4/-10dB Selectable

Preset Selections

Encoder 16 Position, Rotary
Presets 15 + Manual
Vocal Settings Hard, Medium, Soft Compression
Percussion Settings Fast Transient, Contour
Fretted Settings Acoustic, Electric, Bass
Keyboards Piano, Synth Brass, Orchestral
Effects "Squeeze" Guitar, Dynamic Release "Pump"


THD Noise (Unweighted) = 0.02%