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Spark your imagination.

The Spark Collections are bite-sized loop packs with just enough creative mojo to ignite your inspiration without getting mired in endless searching. These professional, royalty-free tracks are a great source of inspiration for starting a new song, learning how to mix, or adding a little flavor to your existing compositions. We currently offer 35 Spark packs, with many more to come! Some contain simple stereo drum and instrument loops; others contain several two-bar construction kits, each with a full mix, isolated drums mix, and isolated music mix, as well as individual instrument tracks.

Everything from trap, reggae, and pop to sound FX is available in the Spark Collections for just $4.95 USD each! While we could continue to name-drop instruments and genres, what you're really getting is an incomparable inventory of moods. You get uplifting pop bangers, chilled-out R&B and island grooves, and downright ominous trap. The full list is in the Features tab.

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Mix and match.

Pick and choose your favorites sounds from Spark Collections and start mixing them together to easily come up with moods and vibes that are uniquely your own. Cook up some island trap funk or maybe a little Appalachian indie trance. In short, if Studio One® is your canvas, Spark Collections are colors on your palette. Just note that we’re probably still a ways out from Slovakian death reggae.

Go big or go home — but don’t go broke.

Of course, if you’re feeling sassy, you can get every Spark Collection in the collection of Collections for a lower price: Get the entire Spark Collection Vol. 1 library for just $99.95 (USD)—a 42% discount compared buying all 35 Spark Collection Vol. 1 items individually. Or join PreSonus Sphere and get every single Spark library with your membership!