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In grand style.

If you're looking for the ultimate acoustic piano instrument that feels at home in any musical genre or style, look no further than PreSonus® Studio Grand. Over 7,000 meticulously created samples went into creating one of the most natural and human-sounding virtual pianos available. The samples were recorded via two different pairs of world-class, matched microphones to some of the finest analog equipment available, and converted to digital in sterling 24-bit quality. Every sonic detail was captured to provide you with the most natural playing experience possible, including note-off key release samples, pedal action, and sustain pedal resonance.

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Realism and playability.

Recorded and sampled in a word-class recording studio using some of the finest analog equipment available, this contemporary seven-foot concert grand piano offers the perfect balance between individual character and flexibility. The piano has been meticulously sampled to capture every detail of this wonderful instrument. Each note has been sampled in ten velocity layers with eight alternate (round-robin) samples for maximum realism. Add to this authentic pedal-action noise, sustain-pedal resonance, and note-off samples—all of which are controlled by powerful custom scripts and script controls available within the Presence XT engine for Studio One®. A variety of presets covers every musical style, and allows for even further customization.

Choose your microphone.

Two different microphone sets have been chosen to capture every detail of this instrument: a matched pair of German condenser mics in the player position, as well as a pair of the finest ribbon microphones available, placed on the side and above the lid of the instrument. Each mic set has been included as a separate instrument preset. Studio One Professional users can utilize a Multi Instrument preset that combines both mic sets, allowing them to be mixed individually within the Studio One mix Console. This gives you the ability to choose or combine microphones and microphone positioning as if you were in the studio recording a real 7-foot concert grand for a sound that is as unique as your performance. We’ve also included 21 Instrument and FX presets to get you started.

Customized for you.

PreSonus Studio Grand is compatible with Studio One Professional, Artist, and Prime, making it a terrific addition to any Studio One user’s Presence XT sound library. Best of all, PreSonus Studio One Grand, as well as every premium Studio One add-on, is included with a PreSonus Sphere membership.