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Hybrid Moments.

Pick a Multi Instrument preset in Deep Flight One and simply press and hold a single key to hear human-esque voices rise up alongside inorganic, bit-crushed, granular synthesis artifacts. Synclavier drones and voices may swell at first, only to fall away to reveal glassy FM-synth overtones that eventually wash away in oceanic reverb and gray noise. Then pick one of the other 130 presets and try it again. You may hear a neon choir of cyber-angels performing a lightspeed chorale at the Tannhäuser Gate.

Deep Flight One’s unique hybrid design makes it the most complex instrument library ever created for Presence XT. Thanks in no small part to Studio One®’s Multi Instrument technology, Deep Flight One’s presets combine extraordinarily creative sampling with synthesis technologies simultaneously to create an otherworldly level of expressiveness for your productions. Content is divided into three main categories: Synth Layers, Modular Layers, and Field Recording Layers. You can use sample sets from any of these layers alone, of course, but stacking layers via Multi Instruments is where Deep Flight One really shines.

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Created from some of the rarest vintage synths available—or un-available.

Synthesizers employed for Synth Layers on Deep Flight One included but were not limited to the Oberheim Four Voice, Synclavier, and the über-rare Schmidt synthesizer. Eurorack and Buchla modular systems were sampled for the Modular Layers, and the Field Recording Layers were recorded at, well... we’re not going to tell you. Secret places. Shhh.

Additional sound processing was employed with rare high-end hardware processors such as Lexicon 224 and Eventide H9000. These effects were run as both inserts and sends during the creation of Deep Flight One, so their real-time parameter changes were committed to tape, yielding...

Evolving Soundscapes.

Deep Flight One prides itself on creating drones, pads, and soundscapes that change and evolve over time. Studio One’s Multi Instrument technology lets us create complex real-time Macro controls that command multiple parameters from many plug-ins from a single controller window. You can even assign them to your MIDI controller of choice. And of course, you can create your own Macro controls for even more customization—almost like creating your own plug-ins.

Furthermore, we designed these presets to use varied sample start modulation, which is controlled in real time via note velocity—meaning no two single keystrokes sound exactly the same. Several presets also feature custom gating sequences as well as Note FX like Arpeggiator, Chorder, and Repeater.

Take Flight.

If you’re a member of PreSonus Sphere, Deep Flight One is already yours. If not, click here to visit and add Deep Flight One to your Studio One Professional experience. While Deep Flight One has a little something for everyone, we think film/TV/game composers and electronic music producers will find its expansive, soundscape-driven tones particularly compelling.