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A perfect impersonation

Add punchy low end and the smooth warmth of a legendary American recording console to your Studio One® experience. Alpine Desk leverages our proprietary State Space Modeling technology to faithfully reproduce the complex sonic textures of one of the world’s most coveted consoles. Utilizing Studio One’s unique Mix Engine FX processing, Alpine Desk brings classic analog sound to your modern desktop mix. Mix Engine FX is a proprietary signal routing technology that affects your music across all Console channels, rather than just in a single channel. This isn’t a stereo bus plug-in; Alpine Desk transforms any mix with the State Space Modeled tonality of the consoles behind the sound of classic albums from the 1970s, '80s, and beyond.

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What's a Mix Engine Effect?

Mix Engine FX like Alpine Desk are unlike traditional plug-ins and effects that can only affect one channel or bus at a time. Activating a Mix Engine Effect on any bus in Studio One will automatically affect and cross-process all channels feeding that bus simultaneously. Furthermore, the unique behavior and sonic fingerprint of Alpine Desk is designed using our meticulous State Space Modeling technology, which sees our engineers elbow-deep in vintage circuitry to digitally capture the warmth, nuance, tolerance, and even unpredictability of venerated hardware on a per-component basis. This attention to detail means Mix Engine FX are the most thorough and true-to-life emulations of real analog console behavior, featuring inter-channel crosstalk, noise, and the warmest drive, saturation, and character imaginable.

Alpine Desk UI

Transform and roll out

Enhance your digital productions with a dose of analog spirit via the Drive and Crosstalk controls, which allow for a wide range of tonal sculpting from nuanced to overboard. Drive allows you to hit the Console’s preamps as hard as you’d like, resulting in satisfying saturation and compression—and the three-stage Boost control broadens your sonic pallette even further. The Crosstalk and Noise controls can be used to glue your tracks together so everything sits right where it belongs in your mix. Unique to Alpine Desk is a variable output transformer that lets you switch from a 1:1 to 3:1 gain ratio for higher drive settings and a uniquely dark and warm tonal contour.

Build your console collection.

Only Studio One lets you add so many legendary consoles to your studio. Alpine Desk is available as a standalone purchase or as part of the Retro Mix Legends bundle—and is included in a PreSonus Sphere membership.