Labfreq ATOM SQ review

“PreSonus has done the ATOM SQ gives the impression it means business….a shockingly impressive MIDI controller.”

Tre Scranton, Labfreq, March 2022

PlayPianoTips ATOM SQ review

“...offers a litany of advantages over other controllers…. a stupendous machine.”

Russell Walker, PlayPianoTips, October 2021

Ivan Calderon ATOM SQ review

“ favorite MIDI controller for the home studio….it can take care of all my production workflows in one single unit.”

Ivan Calderon, Ivan Calderon, April 2021

DJ Lab ATOM SQ review (German)

“ Ende stimmen einfach der Preis und die Tatsache, dass es sich beim ATOM SQ quasi um einen Keyboard-, Beat- und Makro-Controller in einem handelt. ( the end, the price and the fact that the ATOM SQ is basically a keyboard, beat, and macro contro”

Kai Dombrowski, DJ Lab, September 2021

MusicTech ATOM SQ review

“"The ATOM SQ's integration with Studio One and Ableton Live is so tight that it makes us wish every company could model itself after PreSonus in this regard."”

Matthew Mann, MusicTech, September 2020 ATOM SQ review

“Das Arbeiten macht unglaublich viel Spaß.... Hat man das Prinzip einmal verstanden, kommt man hier sehr schnell und intuitiv ans Ziel.”

Jan Wilking,, November 2020

Production Expert: ATOM SQ - Tested

“Once again, PreSonus has gone full circle. Not only have they made a brilliant controller, but they've also designed it from the ground up, with every user in mind. The ATOM SQ will be a welcome addition to composers, producers and musicians who need new”

Brent March, Production Expert, March 2021

DJ Times ATOM SQ review

“...a touch and feel that’s about as good as it gets.”

Wesley Bryant-King, DJ Times, November 2020

Delamar ATOM SQ review

“...eine wahre Bereicherung für jedes Studio.”

Stefan Hoffmann, Delamar, December 2020

MusicRadar ATOM SQ review

“ of the best controllers for Studio One that we have come across and also a great Live option. It’s a stylish desktop solution and a good price too.”

Computer Music staff, MusicRadar, January 2021

Creative Sauce ATOM SQ Review and Demo

“I found myself playing with this thing. It was really, really, fun to play!”

, Creative Sauce, February 2021

Recording Magazine: ATOM SQ Review

“True to form, PreSonus includes an impressive collection of software with the ATOM SQ that will get any aspiring producer up and running straight away. PreSonus Studio One Artist is included, as well as Ableton Live Lite; both offer extensive and airtight”

David Blascoe, Recording Magazine, April 2021

Beat ATOM SQ review

“Besonders interessant ist er für Nutzer der DAW Studio One, die von unkomplizierter Installation, tiefgehender Einbindung und integriertem Stepsequenzer profitieren.”

Jan Wilking, Beat, February 2021

Gadget Flow ATOM SQ review

“Musicians, performers, and producers will all appreciate the PreSonus ATOM SQ.”

Amy Poole, Gadget Flow, December 2020

Audiofanzine ATOM SQ review

“Les aficionados de Studio One n'ont aucune excuse de s'en passer. (Studio One aficionados have no excuse to do without it.)”

newjazz, Audiofanzine, July 2021

KR ATOM SQ review (French)

“L’ATOM SQ est un donc un excellent contrôleur qui permet de remplacer un grand nombre d’opérations dans la DAW de PreSonus. (The ATOM SQ is therefore an excellent controller that can replace a large number of operations in the PreSonus DAW.)”

François Bouchery, KR France, June 2021

Higher Hz ATOM SQ review

“ makes everything faster, it makes everything easier, makes everything a lot more creative and fun and inspiring.”

Mark Barkan, Higher Hz, April 2021