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Remote mixing from the company that pioneered it.

We invented mixer control via iPad®. Since then, millions of events, concerts, and studio sessions have been mixed remotely thanks to our boundary-pushing engineers. We put all our expertise and experience into designing the most intuitive and powerful remote-mixing software in the industry, and UC Surface is the result. Designed to provide immediate access to everything you need when controlling your mix, while being instantly familiar, UC Surface will revolutionize the way you mix—from the audience perspective, where it matters most.

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Total access.

UC Surface lets you view your complete mix and access the feature you need at any given moment with a single glance. With your critical mix functions always available, you can bring dynamics, EQ control, and your effects rack into focus with a single touch. Every feature on your StudioLive® Series III mixer is instantly available with robust metering and quick controls, letting you navigate your mixer faster than ever.

Part of the team.

StudioLive Series III digital mixers were designed to work together, and UC Surface was created following the same philosophy. A single instance of UC Surface can control any mixer on the network, and multiple instances of UC Surface can control the same mixer. With robust permissions options, the front-of-house engineer and monitor engineer can work remotely on the same mixer at the same time without affecting each other’s mix.

Use your favorite wireless device.

Whether you prefer macOS® or Windows®, an Android™ tablet or an iPad, UC Surface provides the same layout and workflow so you can comfortably move between devices without losing track of your mix. Only UC Surface lets you roam the room with an iPad, then return to a Windows multi-touch computer at front-of-house, without missing a beat.

Make a connection.

The StudioLive Series III ecosystem of products provides streamlined configuration options that make creating an AVB network as simple as the press of a button. UC Surface facilitates this by giving you an overview of the available devices on your network and allowing you to set all signal routing from one screen. Route audio to EarMix 16M personal monitor mixers. Patch inputs and outputs to and from NSB-series stage boxes and other StudioLive Series III mixers on the network. UC Surface gives you all the tools you need to ensure the audio signals on your network arrive at their intended destinations.

UC Surface in the studio.

UC Surface makes creating monitor mixes with Studio Series interfaces quick and easy so you can focus on recording. For Quantum-series interfaces, UC Surface becomes your preamp management and audio analysis tool. Because UC Surface can run wirelessly on an iPad or Android tablet, it doesn’t have to share screen real estate with a DAW, and musicians can dial in their monitor mixes remotely without an expensive personal monitor system.

A complete networked solution.

StudioLive Series III networked products form an ecosystem that is easily expanded and quickly configured. Designed to enhance each other, these products are at the forefront of AVB networking technology. UC Surface helps to bring it all together and makes managing an AVB network hassle-free. Remote control your front-of-house mix from anywhere in the venue. Mix monitors from the stage and more. Built on years of innovation and design experience, UC Surface is the ultimate remote mixing software for studio and stage.

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