This product has been discontinued.

The DEQ624 is a new direction for two channel/stereo graphic equalizers. Although equalization is the main function, it provides many more benefits. The DEQ624 is a digital processing unit, under digital control but with a familiar analog feel; no menus or sub-menus to slow you down on the gig.

The DEQ624 incorporates a separate hi-pass and lo-pass filter for each channel for use in dialing in or out a certain range of frequencies. There is a narrow Q select that gives more precise control over the frequency being attenuated, without affecting adjacent frequencies. Metering is via 22-segment board-mounted LED's that show output gain as well as a 9-segment LED for gain reduction on each channel.

There is a switchable Range control that changes the cut/boost of individual frequencies over three different scenarios; +6 dB to -6dB, +12dB to - 12dB or +12 dB to - 24dB.

The Channel-A Master button copies Channel-A settings to Channel-B, eliminating the need to manually set both channels in a live stereo situation. The DEQ624 provides a Security Lock-out Feature and enables the user to define and store four preset EQ curves for the venues or programs where the DEQ624 is most used.

Presonus has developed a proprietary 60-cycle hum cancellation algorithm, which is deemed AHC for 'Adaptive Hum Cancellation'. The AHC circuit is the only one of its kind to be used in an audio system and should be worth the price of admission for many live venues where ground-loops and poorly designed systems are common.

Each channel on the DEQ624 has its own compressor/limiter with Threshold control for system and listener protection from harsh peaks and transients. The DEQ624 includes a separate expander for each channel that gives the user control over Threshold and Ratio, which provides for system noise to be minimized when idle.

The rear panel of the DEQ624 provides for XLR Balanced in an out as well as barrier-strip terminals for permanent installation. The power supply is internal and the chassis is custom molded extruded aluminum and steel.