Selecting a DAW to record your podcast is a big decision, especially in you're just starting out. When beginning a new podcast, many people search for free software to record their podcast rather than a professional full-featured recording application. Luckily, Studio One Prime make recording a podcast easy and best of all: it's a free professional recording application. Whether you are about to record your first podcast or your fiftieth, Studio One Prime provides you with all of the tools necessary to capture and mix a great show that will enhance your content to grow your audience.

To get your complimentary copy of Studio One Prime, visit the PreSonus Shop here.

After you have added your free copy of Studio One Prime to your PreSonus shop cart, you will be redirected to your My PreSonus account Your product key for Studio One Prime will automatically be registered to your My PreSonus account.

Downloading and Running the Studio One Installer

To install Studio One Artist, download the Studio One Prime installer from your My PreSonus account to the computer on which you will use it.

  • Windows: Launch the Studio One Prime installer and follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Mac: Drag the Studio One Prime application into the Applications folder on your Mac hard drive.

Authorizing Studio One

When Studio One is launched for the first time on your computer, it will communicate with your My PreSonus account and verify your registration. To ensure a seamless authorization process, make sure to download your installer to the computer on which you will be using it, and be sure that your computer is connected to the Internet when you launch the application for the first time.

Installing Bundled Content for Studio One Prime

Studio One Prime comes bundled with an array of demo and tutorial materials, instruments, loops, and samples. The Studio One Prime bundle includes all that you need to begin producing your podcast.

The first time you launch Studio One Prime, you will be prompted to install its companion content. Select the content you wish to add and click “Install.” The content will automatically begin to download and install from your My PreSonus user account.

Power User Tip: You may be prompted to enter your My PreSonus user account information. Clicking “Remember Credentials” will allow you to have immediate access to any content you purchase from the PreSonus Marketplace.

The next lesson will guide you through configuiring your audio device to begin recording your podcast.